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                       Guangzhou Chengxin Photoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional company, which focuses on research,production,selling and engineering services of LED display. Chengxin is located in Tianhe district of Guangzhou which known as the south gate of China, specialized in manufacturing a variety of medium-grade and high-grade LED displays and wholesaling various types of outdoor and indoor LED display cabinets and related accessories.
                         Chengxin adopts high quality raw materials and good assembling techniques, nurturing various kinds of staff with professional skills on production lines and work. The whole series of LED displays produced by Chengxin is widely used in many areas of China and has a good reputation in the LED display industry. Chengxin owns not only the entire and scientific quality control system and the advanced production facilities, but also a stable group of customers, the great marketing network and the thorough after-sales service.
                        With the range of LED products  available widening at an increasingly popular faster rate,Chengxin will continue to learn and utilize advanced managerial ideology and technology,seeking further development in order to stay  ahead of competitors, and strive to stay at the forefront of excellent enterprises through advantages in the brand’s reputation,marketing network,technology and selling services.Welcome to visit Guangzhou Chengxin Photoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd, for the guidance and business negotiations!

                Chengxin Photoelectronics Ideology:

                1. our wish-Wishing everyone to use excellent cost performance of LED display all around the world.
                2. Our mission-providing excellent cost performance of LED display for clients.
                3. Our tenet-Not only will we make clients happy for saving money,but we will also assure to make clients content and satisfied with no preoccupations.
                4. Our service-Making clients reassured and never feel sensations of regret,which keeps friendship forever!


                Production,Testing equipment and Technology:
                       Chengxin’s Modules are under theworld’smost advanced level of production equipment and point-to-point correction system,other advanced production and testing equipment with Automatic Aging Line,Automatic Braiding Machine,Automatic Insertion Machine,Automatic Glue-pouring Machine,AO Tester and Automatic Waterproof  Test,which ensures  the full range of excellent performance of company’s products.Perfect detection system fully ensured the stabilityand excellence of Chengxin’s products.